Cancer Second Opinions and Cancer Screening

At TheOncologyExperts we are passionate about excellence.
Brendan Bye Harris

The Experts in Oncology was founded to provide expert second opinions and cancer screening for patients in London, the UK and Internationally. All of the members have a wealth of experience in Oncology and are leaders in their fields of expertise.

Cancer Second Opinions - Getting to the best doctor to discuss your case can be very difficult. Often the choice of doctor depends on who you are referred to or which doctors work at hospitals near you. At we wanted to make the whole process more informed - ultimately ensuring you see the very best Oncologist. Decisions made about your cancer care will have a significant impact on you and it is vital you have all the information you need. To see the list of Doctors and the second opinion service we offer click here. Alternatively use the drop down box at the top right of the page.

Cancer Screening - This is a new service that is in development and we hope to be able to offer it from spring 2016. We are working with investors to build a cancer screening centre in London that will be able to provide everything from genetic screening to advanced diagnostic imaging. We will keep you up to date with progress on this website.