Cancer Second Opinions and Cancer Screening


The Oncology Experts was set up by Brendan Bye Harris and Professor Mark Glaser to show case Clinical and Medical Oncologists who have a similar approach to cancer medicine. Modern cancer medicine has become very ‘protocolised’ and prescriptive. This has lead to consistent treatments for patients and is an approach considered by many to be very successful. However, it has been claimed that this approach can dehumanises the relationship between patient and doctor, with a ‘paint by number’ feeling established. William Osler is quoted as saying, “The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” This principle is at the heart of what we want to achieve at
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At we aim to profile some of the greatest minds in cancer medicine. We will detail as many as we can on this website. Everyone featured on this site has a vast knowledge of cancer in general as well as specialist knowledge of particular tumour sites. Most importantly, they will be clinicians who genuinely put the patient first, will fight ‘tooth and nail’ to ensure their patients receive the very best treatments available worldwide and will make sure that the patient gets all the time they need to understand absolutely everything they need to make complicated decisions about their cancer care and treatment.

Expert Cancer Second Opinions

We offer Expert Cancer Second Opinions through our sister site Belgravia Oncology - London. We use this service as it give our clinicians the maximum amount of time talking with the patient and their families to help them understand the complexities of their cancer so they can make the correct discussions regarding their care and treatment.

I use the cancer second opinion service Belgravia Oncology - London provide, as the patients leave the consultation with a bespoke medical pack which contains information that will really help them understand the questions they have about their cancer care.
Professor Mark Glaser