Cancer Second Opinions and Cancer Screening

I have known and worked with Professor Glaser for many years and have seen first hand his devotion to his patients. There is no doctor who fights harder to ensure his patients receive the very best treatment available
Brendan Bye Harris

Professor Mark Glaser - MBBS MRCSLRCP FRCR FFR(R.C.S.I.)

Professor Mark Glaser currently holds a position at Imperial College in the High Energy physics department. He has a contract at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust to treat complicated cancers with external beam radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Professor Glaser has worked at some of the most prestigious hospitals in both the United Kingdom and United States.

At Mass General Hospital Boston (Harvard University), he studied the clinical use of Proton Beam Therapy (PBT). He was involved in the clinical decisions leading to the patients treatment, right through to the dose evaluation and patient set-up. He performed joint clinics with Dr Jay Loeffler and still refers patients to him if clinically appropriate to do so. 

At Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust he was Chief of Service for many years and still holds an emeritus honorary contract to treat complicated cancer cases. He is also a Professor of high energy physics at Imperial College and this links in with the work he did at Harvard University on PBT.

He sees patients from all over the world who come because of his approach to cancer care which has been developed over many years. He treats each patient as a person and will fight ‘tooth and nail’ to ensure his patients receive the best treatment possible even if this means sending them to centres outside of the UK.

He has an exceptional knowledge of all cancers and has a particular interest in neurological and urological cancers.  (Brain, Prostate, Bladder)

For second opinions he uses the service provided by “They provide the complete package that allows me to focus my attention on the patient. Patients leave with all the information they need to make really important decisions.”

If you would like more details of how to get a second opinion on your cancer care and / or treatment visit to find out more.

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Professor Glaser campaigned to change the Liverpool Care Pathway; consulting with political leaders to put an end to this outdated practice.
He has treated many dignitaries including the British Politician and Former Northern Ireland secretary, Mo Mowlam. This was made public when featured in a film about her life.
For more information on how to get a second opinion click here